Doug has been commissioned to make a new piece with the dancers of Paul Taylor's American Modern Dance!
The announcement is featured in
The New York Times 


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And catch all of HAPLESS BIZARRE back in NYC at Fall for Dance at City Center!
Wednesday, September 30 at 8PM 
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Thursday, October 1 at 8PM
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Check out the profile of a rehearsal day with Doug and the dancers in Dance Magazine by Siobhan Burke!


Upcoming 2015 - 2016 tour dates


Doug Elkins’ repertory of 38 works was created with funding from, among others, The Pew Charitable Trust, The Jerome Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts, The Greenwall Foundation, Dance Theater Workshop’s First Light and Public Imaginations programs, Sequoia Foundation, Altria, and The National Endowment for the Arts.


Citation, 2008 New York Dance and Performance Award (Bessie) for Frӓulein Maria
“For creating a tender, rollicking excursion at Joe’s Pub called Fräulein Maria, which took us from the snow-capped peaks of Hollywood through the worlds of “downtown” dance, Martha Graham, Willi Ninja, Balanchine, Hip-Hop, Voguing, Stepping, stomping, whirling, and flying like wild geese with the moon on their wings.”


Citation, 1997 New York Dance and Performance Award (Bessie) for Sustained Achievement
For walking the walk as well as talking the talk, not to mention utterly tanking what’s left of post-modernist pretension, all the while fashioning a singular provocative poetics of dancing, in The Stuff of Recoiling and Center My Heart.


  • Repertory (selected)
  • Hapless Bizarre 2014
  • Mo(or)town/Redux 2012
  • Fraulein Maria 2006
  • Wrench(ed) 2001
  • Wholly Matrimony 2000
  • Last Train To Philly 1999-2000
  • In Winter Stand 1999
  • Bipolarbear NOS 1998
  • Center My Heart 1996
  • Roda 1997
  • Narcoleptic Lovers 1995
  • Bite the Wax Tadpole 1995
  • Scott, Queen of Marys 1994
  • The Stuff of Recoiling 1992
  • Where Was Yvonne Rainer When I Had Saturday Night Fever? 1991
  • Mo(or)town 1990
  • The Testosterone Diversions 1989
  • The Patrooka Variations 1988